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Hi, I'm Kieran.

Hi, I'm Kieran.

Let’s be friends.

Or maybe I can work for you.

Or both.

Check out my work, and stay for my blog. Leave me a message, or follow me on whatever social media you desire.

I smile big, and think bigger.


I’m Not Going To Wait To Write Anymore

Today I was listening to the Dashboard Confessional album, “Dusk and Summer”. Don’t Wait kicks off the album, and that song was the last little kick I needed to start writing again. I’ve been waiting to post on my blog for quite a while now. I...

What World Cup Team Should I Support For The Rest Of My Life?

I need to adopt a country. A whole country. This is serious! The World Cup has just started, and I still don’t know who I’m cheering for. I just watched a Brazilian score the first goal of the tournament on his own net to give Croatia a 1-0 lead, and...

All My Friends Are Graduating

(^ That photo is ridiculous) My Facebook feed is full of pictures of my friends in grad caps and gowns, holding fancy pieces of paper, with huge smiles on their faces. And they should be smiling! Graduation is a huge accomplishment, no matter what you’re...

Catacombe: Quidam Album Review

About a month ago I got an email from a band in Portugal, called Catacombe. Their new album was coming out on April 14, 2014, and they wanted me to have a listen, and possibly review it. I put it on the back burner for a while. I was busy, I hadn’t reviewed any...