Kieran Moolchan

Hi, I’m Kieran.I’m a listener, problem solver, and mental health advocate.I like pineapple on pizza.

How to reach out:
Twitter is the best place to have a chat with me if you love technology, marketing, games, or sports. I occasionally blog about mental health and positive productivity on Medium, and share photos with a personal touch on Instagram.
For other professional or other friendly contact, email is best.

About Me

Right now, I'm working at Northfield IT, always looking to improve the way projects are managed across our teams and with our major North American sports and entertainment partner, the NFL.My previous job was as an Account Manager at Priceline Partner Network in Winnipeg, for key white label accounts including Spirit Airlines,, and, the official U.S. Department of Defense leisure travel site.Before that, I was at Avenue 4, my role was loosely defined as "Digital Project Manager" at where I helped tie development, sales and management together for two technology products that are used by the some of the largest credit unions in Canada and biggest comic book publishers in North America.In the past, I've executed to directly create $6 million worth of revenue year-over-year for SkipTheDishes. I've helped scope and execute on dozens of effective website launches with powerful copy and strong design to increase lead generation and customer retention for companies across North America. I've planned and contributed to comprehensive email, mail, and social media strategies that have created thousands of new customers for Canadian businesses.It's possible that I say ‘yes’ to more things than I should.Outside of work, I keep active with ultimate frisbee, biking, and working out because one of the best ways to keep the mind healthy is to keep the body in motion. It also stems the never-ending tide of McDonald’s I eat and the amount of video games I play. If you have some time, ask me about League of Legends!I love learning new things and I'm almost always open to new conversations and knowledge from people who are enthusiastic about whatever they do.

Mental Health Advocacy -
A Critical Cause

I've written about my mental health experiences and the post has received over 150,000 lifetime views. I've spoken about my journey on CTV and Global, and the charity fund I helped start is a featured community fund for The Winnipeg Foundation.Our charity fund is called A Critical Cause, and we've done many 24-hour video game streams to raise money for mental health initiatives in Winnipeg. We've raised over $25,000 and have formed great relationships with game developers and businesses in our city.I have spoken at Pecha Kucha nights, fundraisers, high school and junior high classes, and events about my mental health journey. I believe we should have open and safe conversations about all health, and am available to speak at private and public engagements.

Professional Experience

- As an Account Manager at Priceline Partner Network, I managed the relationships and high level projects around the launches, upkeep, marketing, and ongoing initiatives for key white label accounts including Spirit Airlines,, and, the official U.S. Department of Defense leisure travel site. I worked across teams at Priceline to help support my partners as they built and grew their travel businesses using white label services for booking hotels, rental cars, flights, and packages.

- I tied development, sales, and management together as a Digital Project Manager at Avenue 4 for two technology products that are used by the some of the largest credit unions in Canada and biggest comic book publishers in North America. This included implementing a company wide project management process using Shortcut, recurring payments tracking for our website hosting packages, and being a crucial part of scoping and translating development plans to clients and stakeholders.

- I volunteered for the 2019 Western Canada Summer Games, helping promote the games and the athletes from Team Manitoba, taking and sharing photos, stories, and action from the team in the lead up to the games, and at the games themselves. I coordinated interviews, ran from event to event for photos and Instagram stories, and provided quotes, content and connections to Manitoba media outlets. Several of my photos and stories were featured in Manitoba papers, including the Winnipeg Free Press.

- I volunteered for the 2017 Canada Games, contributing to the development and refinement of the web and social media strategy, content, and technical aspects Games, including Google AdWords to increase ticket sales.

- I grew and managed a department at SkipTheDishes to help over 2,000 restaurants have great websites and awesome delivery. I got amazing startup experience and I'm proud of what I learned and accomplished there, and thankful to my mentors.

- I grew my skillset of writing, advertising, photography, strategy, and public relations in the Creative Communications program at Red River College and made wonderful lifetime connections with people who I will forever cherish.

Personal Experience

- I sing in a choir called Ecco, and I've also released a rock album with some of my very best friends that I'm still proud of. Music is a big force in my life through joy and coping with sadness. Creating music and appreciating the creations of others will always spark enthusiasm within me.

- I've travelled to Trinidad and Norway, and in my younger years, all over the United States, and to Australia and Malaysia. I really value the perspectives I gain from living like a local as much as I can when I travel.

- I was a Canadian Junior National 110m hurdles Gold Medalist and multiple medalist in hurdles and sprint relays in Canada West during university. I will always love going fast, staying in shape, and improving incrementally through smart work.

- I have the privilege to be married to my strong, smart, and beautiful wife, who is my teammate, and confidant. She amplifies my successes and lifts me up through dark times. She is a force in her own right and I love her.

If I ever disappear from Twitter, you can find me on Mastodon